photo of woman wearing headscarf
True joy and happiness

Lift Up Your Eyes

Have you ever watched Charlotte’s Web?  On Wilbur’s worst day, Charlotte sings,  “Chin up, chin up Every little time your spirits wilt Chin up, chin up Give your attitude an upward tilt Twinkle, sparkle Make a little fun begin You’ll be on the right side Looking at the bright side Up with your chinny chin …

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Self worth and identity

You Are Not Called To Conform

 Who are you?   Perhaps more importantly, who are you trying to be?  Do you aspire to be popular? Does your life center around your successes and achievements? Are you striving to make yourself act a certain way? Society pushes us to conform.  We live in a society which encourages individuality and self-expression, yet pushes everyone …

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Trusting God

What Does It Mean To Look To God?

I noticed something interesting one day. Whether in church, Bible studies, blog posts, or youth group, “look to God” seems to be the answer for almost any difficult problem Christians face.   How do I turn away from sin? What should I do when I just don’t have the strength to keep going? Where do I …

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