The Wilting Rose Project

What Does The Wilting Rose Project Believe?

We believe that God’s word, as written in the original languages, is holy, inspired by God, and therefore inerrant and our ultimate authority on life.

We believe there is one triune, omnipotent, omniscient, and eternal God, perfect in every way, who has existed forever in three co-equal Persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit. God created everything, including mankind, for His glory.

We believe Jesus Christ was born by the Spirit of God by the virgin Mary, both wholly man and wholly God. He died as a sacrificial Lamb for the sins of mankind. He arose and appeared in the body to his disciples, then ascended into Heaven. He now sits at the right hand of God the Father and intercedes and rules all things on behalf of His church.

Each human was created in the image of God, but his heart is desperately wicked, rebellious toward God and with no purely righteous desire. We do not have an inherent beauty, goodness, or perfection. Any good works we do cannot obliterate our criminal debt. Thusly we are in sore need of someone to redeem us by paying our debt.

Justification, the pardon of our sins, happens only by the imputation of Christ’s righteousness by faith in Christ alone, we in ourselves adding nothing to the payment of our debt. We believe a person is saved by the work of God, a gift, not by any merit or works of his own. This is wrought by God through faith. Faith in Christ is always evidenced and accompanied by turning from our sins in repentance and a heart whose desire and resolve is to obey Lord’s Scripture in holiness, good works, and growing knowledge of God.

After death or upon Christ’s return, the saved will exist eternally in the paradise of communion with God’s presence in heaven. Those who are not justified will suffer eternal damnation as punishment for their sins.

God has instituted signs of the Covenant between the believer and the Lord Jesus Christ: water baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These do not add to Christ’s completed work on the Cross but are instead means of sanctification administered according to Scripture to members of His church.

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