Peace and rest Trusting God

“Rest A While”

Dear Roses, As our ministry has grown and changed, we’ve seen many seasons. Seasons where our team had extra time on their hands during lockdown and seasons where we’ve been busier yet still tried to be faithful to this ministry God has led each of us to, and everything in between. Over the last few …

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photo of woman wearing headscarf
True joy and happiness

Lift Up Your Eyes

Have you ever watched Charlotte’s Web?  On Wilbur’s worst day, Charlotte sings,  “Chin up, chin up Every little time your spirits wilt Chin up, chin up Give your attitude an upward tilt Twinkle, sparkle Make a little fun begin You’ll be on the right side Looking at the bright side Up with your chinny chin …

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You Are An Example

Little children love to mimic others. Whether it’s a sibling, friend, or parent, they’re always observing and copying the behaviors of those around them. This can be both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes it encourages them to help us do chores around the house, while at other times they pick up on our bad …

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