Sin and salvation

Love Moved First

“This is the story of a runaway. With no way home and no way out… I threw the best of me away, I had my chance–it’s too late now. Too far gone and too ashamed, to think that You’d still know my name.  But love refused to let my story end that way.” – Love …

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Living to God's glory

Words of Wisdom From Women of Faith (Part 1)

Through life we gain experience and, with that experience, we hopefully gain wisdom as well. But sometimes, as younger women, we can feel lost when we come across a situation we don’t have as much experience in to help us through it. Other times, we may have questions about navigation through life and our relationships in …

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Satan’s lies

You Are Forgiven: 10 Truths to Conquer the Lies

Do you struggle to believe that God has completely forgiven you?  Yeah, me too.  The fact that God has forgiven us eternally is absolutely mind-boggling. (It is especially hard to accept when we feel guilty and weakened by sin.) I have to remind myself of this truth that I am forgiven every day. Every moment. …

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