photo of woman wearing headscarf
True joy and happiness

Lift Up Your Eyes

Have you ever watched Charlotte’s Web?  On Wilbur’s worst day, Charlotte sings,  “Chin up, chin up Every little time your spirits wilt Chin up, chin up Give your attitude an upward tilt Twinkle, sparkle Make a little fun begin You’ll be on the right side Looking at the bright side Up with your chinny chin …

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Satan’s lies

Finding Wisdom in an Unwise World

The world offers no lack of advice. When we need guidance, we can turn to self-help books on nearly any subject. We can find YouTube videos, blog posts, TedTalks, and tweets full of advice. Sometimes this advice is contradictory. Other times, it is simply wrong. As Christians, we are called to be wise. In this …

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Self worth and identity

Who Are You?

I stood in front of my mirror. It seemed so strange that behind the round face staring back at me there was a person. “Who are you?” I asked my reflection. But she only smiled. Who are you?  This is the question so many of us can never quite answer. We take online quizzes, we …

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