Satan’s lies

What Conquers Fear?

My heart beat faster. Little beads of sweat dampened my hands. What would I say? What would people think of me? What if they didn’t actually like me?  These thoughts plagued me at every social event. Even during casual conversations, anxiety surfaced.  I just wanted to be loved and accepted. I wanted validation.  Does Self-Love …

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Don’t Let Your Pain Become A Wall

You’re hiding again, curled up by the window, tears streaking down your face. With a frustrated sigh, you wipe at your cheeks, trying to stop crying. You’re breaking down again, as if this hasn’t already happened a half dozen times this week. Why are things like this? Why can’t you just hold it together?  Beside …

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Peace and rest

Use Your Seasons of Peace For God

 Sadness, hurt, shame, fear. Emotions like these characterize so much of our lives. We live in a broken world, where all around us, we see suffering and fear, people hurting and in pain. In a world like this, full of strife and tears, however, there also come times of peace and rest. Instead of struggling …

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Trusting God

7 Ways To Trust God With Your Future Plans

Though we cannot know the future, God does. When making our plans, it’s important to trust Him — but how? Right now, my plans for the future are up in the air. It’s frustrating, and sometimes even tear-wracking. I try outlining my life, but I can’t be sure it will work out that way. In …

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