Bearing With Siblings When It Isn’t Easy

We love ‘em. We can’t stand ‘em. We live with ‘em every day. Siblings are a part of most of our lives, and as you probably know, they can get a little frustrating here and there. But siblings are also wonderful companions and friends. So, as Christians, how can we get along better with our …

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Living to God's glory

Why Are You Doing Devotions?

Why do you do devotions? What motivates you to spend time with God? Maybe these questions feel a little silly to you. God tells us to study His Word and talk with Him, which gives us a pretty clear reason to do so. Along with that, the only way we can really come to know …

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Trusting God

Dear Rose, Let God Fight for You

I sat on a dirty couch, surrounded with dirty toys, in a building filled with people who seemed to only care about themselves.  My parents were in court, fighting for the rights of two little girls we were fostering, and I was, once again, stuck in the waiting room with my little siblings. Just… waiting. …

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