What I Learned from Job During Quarantine

Coronavirus and quarantine have changed our lives. They trashed our schedules and taught us the value of digitized communication. We have faced sickness, isolation, loneliness, and depression. Finally, quarantine has given us many opportunities to question God and his goodness in trials. One striking example of suffering in the Bible is Job’s life. The book …

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Trusting God

Waiting for God

As Christians, we bring all sorts of requests to God, including prayers for guidance, health, a godly spouse, or a friend’s salvation. Sometimes God answers these prayers right away. But other times, he tells us to wait. All of us will eventually have to wait for an answer to prayer. A few months ago, I …

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Satan’s lies

Trusting God With Our Doubts

Have you ever been crippled by doubt? Has doubt stolen your sleep, your passion, and your joy, leaving you desperate? Doubt can tear apart our thoughts with uncertainty. It can make us question our best source of comfort. The result is that we separate ourselves from God and others, choosing to suffer alone. I too …

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