Truth for the Quiet Girl Looking for Friends

Loner. Shy. Awkward. Quiet person. I’ve heard and owned all these labels. Staring off into space, wondering whether to go to youth group tonight or stay home and find something to do.  If you go, you’ll be lonely. If you stay home, you’ll be lonely. Either way you’ll always be lonely. You can’t win.  I …

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Self worth and identity

Who Do We Belong To?

Where do you belong? Maybe you feel at home with your classmates, or maybe your family. Quite possibly, you don’t feel like you belong anywhere. Today I’m going to talk about “belonging” in the sense of spiritual family.  We can belong to the world, to ourselves, or to Christ. Each of these can bring a …

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Satan’s lies

Worldly Self-Esteem vs. Confidence in Christ

Believe in Yourself? “I don’t know what I should do. Maybe I’m just really awful at writing?”  The girl sighed as she flopped down onto the sofa.  “What are you talking about? You’re an amazing writer! You just need to have more self-esteem.”  The girl arched her eyebrows at her friend, “What do you mean …

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