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The Wilting Rose Project Kindness Challenge

Hello, Roses! 

So myself, Bethany R, and Rebekah have been working for the past couple of weeks to set up a Kindness Challenge for the month of December and would like for you to take part! 

Here’s some more info on the challenge and how you can get involved. 


Who can take part in this challenge? Well, anyone! It doesn’t necessarily have to be just for us teen girls and young women- feel free to share it with your guy friends. You can do it as a group or individually. You could do it with a family or youth group or you could do it privately without telling anyone you’re taking part. 

Essentially, so long as you are doing it to bless others and to bring glory to the Lord, not yourself, then you can take part.


The Wilting Rose Project Kindness Challenge is a month worth of daily prompts to encourage you to think of and care for the people in your life- particularly those who might be struggling. It’s designed to help strengthen relationships and to motivate you to be a giver in life. 


This challenge will begin on December 1 and end on New Years Eve. This includes the Christmas week (where we’ve tried to make the days around Christmas quite easy, considering the busy time of the month). 


This challenge will be hosted on our Blog/Instagram, but you may be able to find it on other bloggers/Instagrammers pages, as we’re planning to collaborate with a few. 

You can find us on Instagram with the hashtag #WRPKC


We recognize that there are other people in our lives who are struggling- whether that be physically, mentally, or spiritually. This month will be all about others and seeing how well we can grow closer to the people in our lives and closer to God. We simply don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives, so we should be doing all we can to be a blessing to others. Just like someone may not know what you’re going through when they do something nice for you, the same goes for them. 


The way you take part in this challenge is by downloading the graphic onto your camera roll. You can print it out, keep it on your phone, etc. 

Every day, you challenge yourself to complete the act of kindness before you go to sleep that night. 

Rule number one will be that if you wish to share a story of how the Lord has blessed you through this then we are happy to share it if you are happy to be anonymous. It can be easy to be prideful in your good works and we don’t want to cause anyone to be like that. Thus, to keep everyone humble, we will be sharing our stories anonymously (including if they are stories shared by TWRP staff). 

You are free to share about the challenge if it’s with the intention to share the news about it and get others taking part. If you’re doing it simply to say “Hey, guys! Look what I’m doing” then we would suggest refraining from sharing. 

Every day on our Instagram, we’ll post a reminder of the day’s challenge. If, for whatever reason, you may be unable to complete the challenge for that day then there’s no shame in swapping it out for another day. We all have lives and it may be hard to do certain things on certain days. So long as you’re doing your best something kind every day, then it really doesn’t matter. Please keep in mind that our calendar of prompts are only suggestions for what you could do but it is not what you have to do, and if you can’t do something every day, that is totally okay! 

As we stated before, this is just a project in which we are seeking to spread kindness, not checking things off a list. So, if you can’t do a day, don’t sweat it. Just look for however you can be a vessel of kindness for someone else. 

We hope that you enjoy this December challenge and deepen your relationships with others and God this season.

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