Gathering Together In Prayer + A Playlist For Your Heart

Dear Roses,

We know this time is hard for so many of us. We miss friends, our church families, and activities we love. Some of us may be grieving, too, or praying for protection for vulnerable loved ones. As I write this, my great-uncle is in the hospital with Coronavirus. It’s scary, but we have to keep trusting. Look to the past: although we are facing an unprecedented crisis, God is not fazed. He has taken His people through so many troubles. And He is still in control.

Wasn’t Easter so significant this year?

As your church gathered virtually, you came together closer in heart than perhaps you have ever been. We realize how very precious community and our local churches are in this time.

We at The Wilting Rose Project, with our own little community, in our own little way, want to keep encouraging you to trust. And we would love to pray for you. If you’d like to share below, we will share a prayer right in the comments. If you see any other requests and would like to type out a prayer for these fellow sisters in Christ, please do!

We also have an Instagram page and a Facebook page, and if you have any private prayer requests, we are always open for DM’s and we pledge to cover you with Christ’s love. 

As I pondered the cross this Holy Week, I was filled with gratefulness. I remembered just how great His love for us is. Even during a pandemic, He is near to us. He loves us! And His love will never cease.

I’ve put together a short playlist of quiet songs to bless your heart and point you to Jesus. They helped me this past Easter to keep my heart tethered to the Cross, and I hope you will be blessed. If you have any special songs to share, please, please, encourage others by putting a link below.

Dear Roses, we love you. May the peace of God fill your hearts and minds, as you hope in Him.

Share your prayer requests below, and please pray for others as well! Let’s come together before our loving Father.

Bethany Rose

Bethany’s name means “bright city on a hill.” This is her mission in life, to illuminate the beautiful things and shine God’s light where there was darkness. Bethany leads The Wilting Rose Project, a ministry of encouragement for young women who feel their struggles make them worthless. She writes tales inspired by her love of the forest, where she spends many of her mornings, soaking in the uniquely Minnesotan beauty. Her blog includes more personal documentation of her journey the last few years with Lyme disease and Toxic Mold illness and the journey of healing she is now on.

3 thoughts on “Gathering Together In Prayer + A Playlist For Your Heart”

  1. ❤️ Let’s pray for those who are struggling with fear and anxiety. May God give us peace and hope. ❤️

    I would love to pray for the Samaritan’s Purse hospital in New York. May God protect the workers and spread the hope of the gospel through them. 💗

    🌹 Courage to you Roses from the Lord Jesus Christ!

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