The Wilting Rose Project

Dear Girl With Anxiety

Dear Girl with Anxiety, You are seen. God does not look at you with anger or condemnation. He sees you as His daughter, as His beloved one. He longs to enter into your struggle and breathe peace into this moment.  Today, we want you to remember that despite your anxiety, you can trust Him fully. …

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Sin and salvation

Thorns of Sin in the Life of a Rose

Once I wondered if we could really be free from sin in heaven. It seemed too good to be true.  Have you ever asked yourself why you couldn’t be perfect right now? I have. It is so frustrating to keep doing the sins that you hate! Why do Christians still sin? Did God make a …

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Satan’s lies

Worldly Self-Esteem vs. Confidence in Christ

Believe in Yourself? “I don’t know what I should do. Maybe I’m just really awful at writing?”  The girl sighed as she flopped down onto the sofa.  “What are you talking about? You’re an amazing writer! You just need to have more self-esteem.”  The girl arched her eyebrows at her friend, “What do you mean …

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Self worth and identity

Finding Awe: The Key to Low Self Esteem

If you’ve spent any time in the devotional book aisle for women in your local bookstore or even at the women’s circle at church, you may have noticed that we spend much of our time discussing self-worth and exploring our identity.  Retreats, conferences, bible studies, devotional books, self-help books, and the like are all there …

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