Peace and rest Trusting God

“Rest A While”

Dear Roses, As our ministry has grown and changed, we’ve seen many seasons. Seasons where our team had extra time on their hands during lockdown and seasons where we’ve been busier yet still tried to be faithful to this ministry God has led each of us to, and everything in between. Over the last few …

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The Wilting Rose Project

Dear Girl With Anxiety

Dear Girl with Anxiety, You are seen. God does not look at you with anger or condemnation. He sees you as His daughter, as His beloved one. He longs to enter into your struggle and breathe peace into this moment.  Today, we want you to remember that despite your anxiety, you can trust Him fully. …

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Peace and rest

To the Overwhelmed Rose – Wake Up and Rest

Dear Roses, are you overwhelmed?  Do you spend every day working until you’re exhausted, yet still find a pile of work awaiting you the next morning? Do you feel overworked, weary, and stressed? Does your life seem like a constant rush of activities and commitments and dreams? Perhaps it is not—perhaps it feels rather empty …

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