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Dear Girl With Anxiety

Dear Girl with Anxiety,

You are seen.

God does not look at you with anger or condemnation. He sees you as His daughter, as His beloved one. He longs to enter into your struggle and breathe peace into this moment. 

Today, we want you to remember that despite your anxiety, you can trust Him fully. Here are a few of our favorite posts about trusting God that may soothe your anxious soul.

What Conquers Fear?

What is the opposite of fear? It’s not peace, but something higher and purer. In this article, Gabriella R. gently gives us a mindset shift and reminds us of how deeply we are loved.

My heart beat faster. Little beads of sweat dampened my hands. What would I say? What would people think of me? What if they didn’t actually like me? 

These thoughts plagued me at every social event. Even during casual conversations, anxiety surfaced. 

I just wanted to be loved and accepted. I wanted validation. 

What Conquers Fear? | Gabriella R.

To the Overwhelmed Rose – Wake Up and Rest

It’s easy to get swept up in the “race” of life which we see around us. All around us, we see people applying to college, getting jobs, or making top grades in school. We feel pressured to do the same as them. We think that so long as we complete a few more things, we’ll feel content. Yet that contentment never comes.

To the Overwhelmed Rose – Wake Up and Rest | Julia Naus

Julia Naus’s thoughts are such a blessing for the girl who is anxious and overwhelmed by her to-do list.

Truth for the Quiet Girl Looking for Friends

Emily Bianchini shares the truths she’s learned in her own struggle to find friends as a quiet girl with anxiety.

What do you believe about your self-worth? Do you believe God loves you? Do you believe that God is powerful and loving enough to bring friends into your life? 

Part of my struggle with making friends has been linked to my own struggle with self-worth. This is why we must trust God’s faithfulness and remember what we mean to Him.

Truth for the Quiet Girl Looking for Friends | Emily Bianchini

Learning to Trust – God is at Work in Our Lives 

Evangelyn Hill reminds us that God is in control of every moment of our lives. We don’t have to be anxious about anything—even arriving on time for a dance lesson.

I’ve heard people say that God “orchestrates” everything for the good. Think of an orchestra conductor. Everyone in the orchestra has an instrument and a part to play, but they don’t know the tempo. That’s where the conductor comes in. He shows everyone the rhythm, keeping everyone’s timing in sync. Though parts of the music may sound minor or sad, the music will resolve itself under the conductor’s experienced hand as He guides and brings them all together.

It’s the same in real life. We live our lives not always doing what we should do, or knowing what God wants us to do. But in the background, God is conducting every instrument to play together.

Learning to Trust – God is at Work in Our Lives | Evangelyn Hill

You Don’t Have To Finish Healing Today

This piece by Sara Willoughby isn’t written specifically for a girl with anxiety, but we wanted to share it, since it’s such an encouraging reminder to anyone who feels like they can never heal. Anxiety is the kind of battle that ebbs and flows. Sara’s reminder that you don’t have to finish healing today is so encouraging.

Healing — more often than not  — takes time.

Too frequently, we underplay our hurt, invalidating our own pain. We look around at people who seem to have it together and we think we need to have it together as well. 

But sweet heart, look at me. Your pain is valid. Don’t you dare let any lie tell you otherwise.

You Don’t Have To Finish Healing Today | Sara Willoughby

Resting In Christ When You Feel Overwhelmed

Are the many things you are learning piling up and muddling in your mind? Gabriella R. gives us a good reminder that the Holy Spirit is a gentle teacher, slowly and lovingly leading us along His path.

I have felt quite overwhelmed with all the things I am already committed to, in addition to all the things I would like to add to my life. I was learning so much all at once that I wasn’t sure if I could apply all the spiritual things had been studying. It was overwhelming.

Then I came across a verse that encouraged me to rest in Jesus. Jesus was telling His disciples of His coming death. He told them that He would be leaving them soon. They didn’t understand and their hearts were filled with sadness.

Jesus wanted to teach them many things, but He said, “I have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” John 16:12-13a

Resting In Christ When You Feel Overwhelmed | Gabriella R.

We hope these articles touch you, Roses. They have certainly been ones that resonated deeply with us.

If you’re interested in joining our project as an intern, here’s how to apply! Or, if you’re a writer and would like to share your own words of encouragement to the anxious, grieving, or struggling soul, we’d love to see a submission from you. Submissions are always open. If you have an idea but aren’t sure it would fit, you can also email us with your idea ([email protected]) and we’d be happy to help you adapt it for The Wilting Rose Project.

Dear Girl With Anxiety
Bethany Rose

Bethany’s name means “bright city on a hill.” This is her mission in life, to illuminate the beautiful things and shine God’s light where there was darkness. Bethany leads The Wilting Rose Project, a ministry of encouragement for young women who feel their struggles make them worthless. She writes tales inspired by her love of the forest, where she spends many of her mornings, soaking in the uniquely Minnesotan beauty. Her blog includes more personal documentation of her journey the last few years with Lyme disease and Toxic Mold illness and the journey of healing she is now on.

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  1. I’m 18 and i really struggle with anxiety and get panic attacks frequently when going out, some past traumatic events with boys who took advantage of my nievety has left me petrified every time a boy even mildly shows an interest in me, i feel nauseaous and trembly and can’t seem to get rid of the suspicion that every boy has an evil intent toward me, even the ones i’ve grown up with and who have been long standing family friends, i try hard to overcome this with prayer and talking with my parents, but its still dehabilitating my normal life. i can’t eat when i get nervous and so when i have to go out to places with these boys i end up unable to eat or sleep properly. does anyone have any tips to overcome this in a christian way? becuse the worlds advice hasn’t worked for me.

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