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Don’t Just Open the Door, Walk Through It

Open the door Tolkien quote

I’ve loved this quote ever since I first heard it. It’s so whimsical, fun, and has truth in it. Maybe it’s not meant to be taken literally, but it’s true that stepping out, trying something new, or taking a leap of faith can be scary.

It’s scary because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know if you will succeed or fail or even where you will end up—the mountain top of victory, the valley of defeat, or some weird, middle-ground plain that wasn’t necessarily a defeat, but wasn’t what you’d hoped it would be either.

Dissatisfied Dreams

I end up on the middle ground a lot. Things don’t always pan out the way I’d hoped or envisioned. I tend to dream big, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, sometimes I dream too big and it leaves me dissatisfied with where God places me. It keeps me wanting more instead of being grateful for what God has done, and sometimes I’m scared to walk through the door He did open when it wasn’t the one I wanted. I want everything completed and fixed in one fell swoop with a nice bow tied on top, leaving me with all my dreams and desires fulfilled and everyone I love whole and happy.

But life doesn’t work like that.

God doesn’t work like that.

He can, and sometimes does, work a grand miracle, but for the most part He takes us one step at a time.

Stones in the Sand

Open the door quote

Imagine you’re crossing a stream, stepping upon the stones that mark the way one by one. You try to avoid the wet sand that would slow you down, but misjudge the distance. Your foot slips, causing you to stumble. Shaking yourself off, you get back on the stone, but sand now clings to you as a reminder of your misstep.

My mom often tells me that walking with God is like walking upon stepping stones. You can’t step onto the next stone until He lays it down for you, but you can see all the stones behind you. I like to think of it like walking upon stones surrounded by sand. Looking back you can see how far you’ve come, the places you fell off or stepped too soon, footprints you’ve left in the sand, and the places where there are neither stones nor prints—for those are the places He carried you.

Taking a step doesn’t have to be scary: God is already there. One of my favorite Casting Crowns songs (Already There) says that when to us it’s a mystery, to Him it is a memory. He knows how our life will play out! He knows the points where we will soar like an eagle, letting our wings rise upon the winds of faith, and He knows the places where we will stumble in sin or falter with doubt. God knows when we’ve done all we can and feel like we can’t take one more moment; that’s when He lifts us up and carries us through.

I’ve been in all three places: from victory, to defeat, and the in-between. I’ve soared on joyous faith, flinging all to the wind and trusting God with everything. I have stumbled with sin, faltered with doubt and fear. I’ve seen the dark places of depression and anxiety, where I felt lost, alone, and forgotten. In those times of darkness, when I felt most wilted, I didn’t always feel close to God. I never felt like He was carrying me.

But He was.

Look Behind and Remember…

Open the door image

After those times have passed, times of darkness and the shadows of in-between, I can look back and see God holding me, carrying me, moving in my life. Those times grew my faith and my trust in Him. I know I’m not alone. I know I don’t have to fear going out my door. Because of this, I know I can take a leap of faith and He will be there.

I don’t always understand the reason things happen as they do, but I know He has a plan. I can’t always see ahead, but I know He lights the way.

It’s no longer a scary thing, going out my door. I may not know where my feet will take me, but I know the God who does. My faith has been tested, my trust has been tried, but my God has shown Himself each time. And He will do the same for you.

So, dear Roses, open that door God has shown you. He will see you through.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle-ground? Is there a door God has opened for you that you’re scared to walk through?

Comment below, Roses, and let’s chat!

Jenavieve Rose is a Christian, writer, and dreamer. She loves being with her family and creating stories about hope amidst darkness. Her desire is to glorify God through her words. She spends her time reading, crafting, baking, or writing fantasy novels. Connect with her on her blog or Instagram.

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