The Wilting Rose Project

Join The Wilting Rose Project (Internship Applications Open Now)

Would you like to reach more young women with your words?

Or, do you have a skill that you’d like to use to bless others, such as social media prowess, a good grasp of grammar, or an eye for photography?

We are opening applications for new staff members! We are so excited to see who the Lord brings to our team.

What Is The Wilting Rose Project About?

The Wilting Rose Project is an online ministry with a message for young women: whatever makes them feel “wilted” will never make them unworthy. In Christ, we are utterly beloved–first because He made us, and second because He died for us. We reach out with the hope of the Gospel and reminders of God’s love.

Who Should Apply?

In new interns, we are praying for young women with a passion for encouragement, who love the Lord deeply, and who are skilled in their field, but who are also looking to expand their experience and use their skills to serve.

Positions available include:

Editor’s assistant
Social media managers
Website/Publishing manager
Photographer/graphics manager
Graphic designer
Contributing writers

We’d absolutely love to add you to our staff, whether you’ve followed us since the beginning or just learned about our ministry. If the message of The Wilting Rose Project is one you’re passionate about, apply!

Our ideal applicant would serve in more than one way (i.e. editing and contributing writer, or social media manager and contributing writer). However, we are very flexible with our requirements.

All the available positions are six-month commitments. At the end of the six months, there is an opportunity to join as a long-term member, but it is not required. Because The Wilting Rose Project is a ministry, there is no monetary compensation, but you will gain skill, experience, broaden your outreach, and most importantly, be a blessing!


Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you more details and the application form! If we think you’d be a good fit, you’ll have a chance to ask us more questions in an interview, but you can also ask us any questions below or via email.

Applications close November 7. (If you just saw this within a few days of November 7, contact us anyway to see if all the positions have been filled.)

UPDATE: All editing and contributing writer positions have been filled! We are still seeking a photography manager and social media manager.

A Few Articles To Encourage You

Because we aren’t posting an article this week, here are a few articles you may not have read that we hope will bless you! Next week, our posting schedule will change, so look for our new article on Wednesday.

Don’t Let Your Pain Become A Wall – Julia Naus

Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You – Gabriella R.

Overcoming Unhelpful Criticism as Daughters of Christ – Kellyn Roth

Finding Freedom From Shame and Self-Hatred – Bethany Rose

Don’t Let Your Size Become Your Worth – Bekah Black

May the peace of God fill your hearts and lives this coming week, dear Roses! We are praying that whoever joins our staff will be a tremendous blessing to you.

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