It’s Okay to Be Different (& Other Lessons I Learned from Playing the Recorder)

Maybe you too have felt left-out or less-than because you are different. Different from the norm. Different to what society expects from you.

A Story Worth Sharing – Why Our Testimonies Are So Important

It’s one thing to talk about others, it’s another to talk about your own experience. We should tell other’s stories, but yours is a story worth sharing. Other people’s stories are powerful, but yours has a different power.

13 Reasons Why You Should Keep Going (Even When Life Is Hard)

Life is hard. Anyone who has lived knows this.  I never watched the TV series 13 Reasons Why, but I had enough friends fill me in on it. To summarize the story in the simplest terms, a teenaged girl writes down thirteen reasons why she will commit suicide.  Today, I want to do the opposite. …