Radical: 4 Ways to Imitate Christ

One of the greatest ways to stand out for Christ is to imitate Christ Himself. Jesus was radical in how He lived his life: commands like…

Meet the Staff

Meet our staff members! From our wonderful Graphics Designers, to our awesome Contributing Writers, and our dedicated Editors, all the way up to our hard-working Managers, each member is integral …

God Wants to Use Your Weaknesses

Our weaknesses can make us feel too insignificant to do something for Jesus. But we don’t have to be perfect to be used to bring Him glory.

2021 Autumn The Wilting Rose Project Staff Applications

As a ministry, we could not run if we did not have such dedicated and servant-hearted staff members. Each member has such a deep love for you, and we believe that the Lord brings each member to our team. If you would like to join a team of like-minded young women who are passionate about serving and encouraging others, please consider applying!