“Rest A While”

Dear Roses, As our ministry has grown and changed, we’ve seen many seasons. Seasons where our team had extra time on their hands during lockdown and seasons where we’ve been busier yet still tried to be faithful to this ministry God has led each of us to, and everything in between. Over the last few …

Meet the Staff

Meet our staff members! From our wonderful Graphics Designers, to our awesome Contributing Writers, and our dedicated Editors, all the way up to our hard-working Managers, each member is integral to running The Wilting Rose Project and providing the content we pray blesses you and ministers to your heart. Bethany Rose Staff Position ~ Editor-in-Chief …

Book Review: Restoration Story by Robert Cheong

Our world is fundamentally broken. Evil, pain, and suffering are everywhere we look. Everyone is shaped by these harsh realities. How can a good God be over all this brokenness? How do Christians live their lives in these troubled times?

6 Truths For When You Feel Discouraged

God, I can’t do this. Why do I even fight back against the lies in my head? I was so discouraged yet He gave me strength for that moment.