When God Says “Go” but Others Say “No!”

I sat there on my computer reading back the emails and texts my friends and family had sent after I broke the news I would be starting another

Meet the Staff

Meet our staff members! From our wonderful Graphics Designers, to our awesome Contributing Writers, and our dedicated Editors, all the way up to our hard-working Managers, each member is integral …

Why I Hate “Hot Girl Summer”

A new trend has taken the internet by storm. I’d rather deep clean my house than hear it again. Here’s why I hate “Hot Girl Summer.”

You Are Worthy of Love … Even If You Feel Broken Beyond Repair

 I’ll get this out of the way now.  I’m not a perfect person. I may like to think I am because being “perfect” gives me worth. Being “perfect” means I …

Let’s Rebuild Our Communities To Heal From Racism

The death of George Floyd was horrible. We were all shocked and grieved. I live in Minnesota, and it breaks my heart to watch, wondering why? Why? A Story of …